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on Purity of Mind

Purity of mind is all-powerful.
Purity of mind grants you enthusiasm and builds the strength to carry you through hard times.
Cultivate your will to power by purifying your mind.
Most men lack in enthusiasm and strength because they are constantly distracted.
They are scattered and lack in focus. Their mind is not pure.
The first step to becoming good at anything is to become focused.
The first step to becoming focused is to minimize complications.
Declutter your life.
Stop doing what you do not love.
Renounce the things that do not matter.
Get rid of it all… the stuff, the toxic relations, the activities that have no relevance, the inhibiting thoughts.
This requires your daily attention and grooming.
As your affairs thin out, you will grow in pureness. Your spirit will become unyielding.
As you grow in purity of mind, you will attend to the matters that matter.
You will know exactly what to do next.


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