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September 4, 2017

The Secret to Seduction is Timing

Seduction is simple, but it is not easy.

Seduction is as simple as getting the timing right.
Seduction is as hard as getting the timing right.

Like when fishing, you have to wait until the fish swallows the hook. If you reel in too late, the fish will be gone. If you reel in too soon, the fish will escape.
Like in a Mexican standoff, if you draw too soon, you jerk and miss. If you draw too late, you are dead.
Like when dancing…
Like in comedy…

Timing is the secret to seduction as it clarifies how seduction can keep eluding us even though we understand everything.
Timing is the secret to seduction as it shows how seduction relies on intuition, that is, your instinct sharpened by your experience.
Timing shows there are no quick fixes to becoming a great seducer.
Timing shows that the ‘how to’ of seduction stops the moment you encounter Her.

When you accept timing as the secret to seduction, you understand you can stop thinking about what to say next.

You can think in preparation, you can think in reflection, debrief and analysis, but you can stop thinking in seduction. You can let go of everything you think you know.
Led by the nose, by your senses… present with her, staying alert, a master of ceremony for the ancient ritual of seduction.

Listen to the silence at the core of the encounter with this Woman.
It will not fail you.



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