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Hans Comyn’s Story

The Odyssey of Hans Comyn

Early Years and Academic Success

From the outside, Hans’ life seemed perfect.

His journey began as a talented child, effortlessly excelling in school and embracing the path before him.

The corridors of academia welcomed him as he ascended the prestigious ranks of Philosophy, working alongside heroes like Bruno Latour and Isabelle Stengers.

Little did he know, his life was about to take a dramatic turn, and he would never be the same…


The Call to Adventure

Amidst the accolades, the respect, and the financial comfort, a subtle dissatisfaction lingered beneath the surface of his promising career.

Restless and unfulfilled, Hans wanted more than just success; he yearned for magic, mystery… aliveness! And so, with the years, In the shadows of his accomplished existence, he felt the tug of something greater calling to him… even though he couldn’t quite articulate what it was.


The Turning Point

In 2008, as another summer died, fate introduced him to Zan Perrion – a motivational speaker – whose very presence breathed enchantment and whose message of beauty and romance ignited a dormant spark within Hans.

Their encounter was nothing short of a revelation – a glimpse into the wondrous potential that life could hold if he dared to step beyond the ordinary.

Zan gave Hans the precious Call to Adventure – “Come roam the earth with me to do this work” – and it left Hans bewildered with trepidation and excitement… “WHAT IF?!”

A first expedition to Montreal alongside Zan served as the turning point. As soon as he landed, a new world opened up for Hans… a world with far greater wonder, adventure, and romance than he had ever known. Just walking the streets of this new city, a sense of opportunity vibrated through his every vein. This first trip shook Hans to his core, with a transformation so profound that he decided there and then to embark on a radical escapade… and bid farewell to his old life.



Partnership and Growth

Hans left the academic world and his career a few weeks shy of defending his Ph.D., and within a month, he let go of all his possessions and the trappings of a safe existence. He packed a carry-on with nothing but daring dreams and embarked on a journey into the wild that would redefine his very essence.

He joined forces with Zan to spread the ‘Ars Amorata’ message, crafting courses, organizing events, and hosting meetups in New York, Rio, Tokyo, Curaçao, Bucharest, London, Medellin… Together, Zan and Hans taught thousands of men worldwide the secrets to a life filled with passion, adventure, and seduction.

Their partnership flourished over the next few years, but fate had a twist in store…


A New Chapter

Hans’ visions kept expanding, his aspirations ever more audacious… and in 2015, in an ultimate act of love, Zan kicked his ‘apprentice become partner’ out of the Ars Amorata nest to send him off on a solitary flight.

Hans entered his darkest hour, feeling betrayed by his mentor and dear friend, robbed of everything he stood for, and cast out of the community he had co-created. He grieved for years in deep solitude…

Eventually, this heartbreak would become the crucible for Hans’ calling: to make miracles happen in relationships.


Solo Adventures

Through his pain, Hans found the strength to dive headfirst into the ‘re-invention of relationships,’ unraveling the intricate threads of human (dis)connection, community, and self-discovery… mapping out the keys to quality relationships, getting along despite our differences and creating a win win win for everybody involved.

Roaming to the far ends of the earth, every encounter became a chapter, a stepping stone towards a more profound understanding of what it means to Relate Well. Hans became a storyteller of humanity’s last frontier and life’s wisdom, sharing his insights through writing and a never-ending conversation.


Building a Legacy

Then, in 2018, a special friendship formed with Michael Skye, a self-exiled American transformational leader on a never-ending swashbuckling sabbatical across the globe, hunting his full aliveness. Hans had called for 13 visionaries to unite in Malaga (Spain) and draw new maps of how we relate to each other. Michael showed up and called forth the next level leader in Hans.

Through a series of misadventures, Michael and Hans became Allies and forged a Brotherhood based on the values of Adventure, Honor, Service, and Beauty. Provoked by Michael, Hans transformed from just a teacher to a source of transformation for his people.

With the years passing, Hans has become a symbol of never-ending learning and embracing the unknown. His journey shows how answering the call to adventure can be the catalyst to powerful change and that aliveness and fulfillment reside in surrendering to your calling.


The Present and Beyond

Today, Hans’ vocation is to give back to men what he received from Elders like Zan and Michael. He calls men, successful in all the Western ways, to a far more excellent adventure and romance in life. He champions the victory of men who take on that mission for more magic, meaning, and mystery. He invites these men into that life… on a climbing expedition in the mountains above Medellin, on safari in the Maasai Mansion, or a peripateo for coffee and conversation within the medieval walls of Lucca. Here, he introduces them to the other great men of his now infamous Brotherhood and the wealth of opportunities in business and love that come with it.

With a spirit brave enough to explore the unknown, a heart open to create deep connections and community, and a commitment to the poetry of life, Hans has become the hero of his own incredible story.