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About Hans Comyn

A Modern Renaissance Man

Hans Comyn Hans Comyn is a Renaissance man with a passion that spans across art, philosophy, sports, and more.

His diverse experiences as an artist, athlete, scholar, traveler, and philosopher have equipped him with profound insights which he uses to assist entrepreneurs to bring more Adventure and Romance to their lives.

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A Symphony of Skills and Passions
Hans Comyn is not just a life coach; he’s a beacon of multifaceted brilliance, weaving together diverse talents and experiences to inspire and guide.
The Athlete’s Discipline
From semi-professional football to competitive cycling all over the world … goal-driven, discipline, resilience that he passionately imparts to those he coaches.
The Artist’s Vision
As an artist, Hans understands the power of expression and creativity. He encourages men to tap into their femmine and artistic side, finding unique ways to navigate life’s challenges. He is also the author of 3 music albums, has music videos and has written a book of poetry.


A Global Influence

Having collaborated with renowned mentors and coached thousands of men from diverse backgrounds, Hans has a broad perspective on the challenges and aspirations of modern men.

His workshops, seminars, and courses have garnered international acclaim, making him a respected figure in the world of personal transformation.


Areas of Expertise
Hans specializes in several key areas crucial for personal growth:

Male Mental Well-being

Addressing the unique challenges faced by men in today’s world.

Physical Fitness

Promoting a healthy body as the foundation for a healthy mind and spirit.

Seduction and Relationships

Guiding men into the secret realm of seduction, speaking the language of women, and lead all your relationships into glory.


Coaching Approach
With Hans, coaching is not just about guidance; it’s about embarking on a transformative journey tailored to the individual’s needs and aspirations.

Discovering Your True North
Hans’ approach is rooted in helping men discover their core values and purpose, guiding them towards a life that resonates with their true self.

Cultivating Stronger Bonds
Relationships are at the heart of a fulfilling life. Hans empowers men to build and nurture relationships that are genuine, meaningful, and harmonious.

Creating Adventure & Romance
Every man has the potential to lead a life filled with thrilling adventures and deep romantic connections. Hans provides the tools and insights necessary to unlock this potential.


The Speaker, The Musician, The Traveler
Beyond coaching, Hans’ diverse passions make him a captivating speaker, a soulful musician, and an avid traveler, each facet adding depth to his understanding of the human experience.

Speaking from the Heart

Whether on stage or in intimate gatherings, Hans’ speeches resonate with authenticity, inspiring and challenging his audience to think deeper and live fuller.

Melodies of Life

As a musician, Hans believes in the therapeutic power of melodies, often integrating music into his coaching to heal, inspire, and uplift.

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Trust in the Journey with Hans
With a life rich in experiences and a heart dedicated to pass on what he received from his Elders, Hans Comyn stands as a pillar of trust, authority, and care in the world of men’s coaching. Embrace the journey with him and unlock a life of greater purpose and joy.