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July 30, 2017

How to Love (a Woman)

Go out and meet women. 

Desire women. Worship them. Get nervous and talk to Her anyway.

Absolutely love, love, LOVE women. 

Celebrate the whole of womanhood in every woman you meet.

Get rejected. Lose gracefully. Talk to more women. Date every woman who wants to date you.

Ask her everything you want to know about love. 

Listen. Listen beyond her words. Make up your own mind.

Fall madly in love. Feel everything you are invited to feel.

Kiss. Kiss some more. Kiss as often as you can.

Stop trying to be cool. Blurt. Mess it up. Feel sick to your stomach.

Share your sadness. Share your fear. Share your enthusiasm.

Open up your heart and be the first to say “I love you”.

Be the boyfriend,  be the lover, be the husband… make love your supreme concern.

Feel exhilaration, feel hurt, feel loss, feel stupid… have your heart broken, leave each other with dignity, be down in the dumps, forgive, pick yourself up, and do it all over again.

To give all in love,
without regard for a broken heart,
is rarely reciprocated.

to hold back for fear the other will give less,
proves you right every single time.

Don’t hedge your bets.
It is better to trust and be betrayed,
than to mistrust and find out you were right.

If you try to avoid entanglements or every encounter from going to ruin,
not one of them will be memorable.
A man who does not want to get hurt in love will never be blessed by beauty.

a man who seeks to be struck not by an everyday woman,
but rather by a woman of beauty,
will bear witness to marvelous glory,
especially in loss.

from ‘the Way of a Seducer
read the book here.


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