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October 4, 2017

Why girls don’t reply to you (even if she likes you)

Have you ever had a good encounter with a girl, but afterwards she does not reply to your messages?
Or a date that felt good, but afterwards she becomes unresponsive?
You can feel she likes you, but she still disappears…

How often does it happen that a girl you like, likes you back?
It is frustrating then that even those girls don’t reply… or disappear from your life.

I will tell you why.

Yesterday, I was talking with my friend Martin.
He told me he had met a girl. They talked online and she was very responsive to his messages. They went on a date. It went well. He felt she liked him. And he liked her. They bid farewell, and she told him with enthusiasm: “I will be seeing you again.”

The next day, he sends her a message telling her he enjoyed the evening. He also invites her for a next date.

24 hours later and she still has not replied…

Martin is annoyed and asks me what is going on.
Instinctively I answer him: “Even if a woman likes you, she may not answer your messages. Hell, she may even disappear from your life… .”

His frustration grows. It does not make sense to him. “But why would she not answer when she likes me? If I like a girl, I always reply.”

For the first time I ponder upon an explanation for this intuitive truth…  A few seconds later, I find a way to articulate it.

The best explanation resides in the different context they live in. Women live in abundance, while men live in scarcity… that is why they behave different.

Let me clarify.
Beautiful women live in a context of abundance that few men will ever reach. Because of her beauty, she gets solicited constantly. If a woman has any beauty, we have several men working on her. We swamp her with likes, with messages, with questions and requests…

It is only natural that she forgets to answer some of those, even if she has the full intention to do so.
(I understand this. I get so many questions from men, that I forget to answer some of them, even if I have the intention to do so.)

On top of that, the context of abundance means that she is in no hurry to act on it – at least less so than men. Even if she likes you, and you like her, she knows that that situation will happen again soon enough.

A man however, experiences the situation of liking a girl that likes him as a rarity. So he will act on it fast. And he certainly won’t forget!

This is why she is not responding to him even if she likes him.
This is why my friend is frustrated that she is not responding to him, even though she likes him.

For the women, does that describe your situation well?
For the men, have you even been in a similar situation? How did you solve it?


P.s. What to do about it, you ask?
Because of situations like this, the focus of the Way of a Seducer course is broad. Not only do we focus on ‘outer’ and ‘inner’ game – say the interaction itself and our own growth. We also focus on the bigger picture. We try to understand the context of men and women in order to help men like Martin. If you want to take 1 of the last 2 seats for our November class, send me a message now. Here, on facebook, instagram or via gmail.


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