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  • Do you feel deep down that no woman is out of your league?
  • Do you have the confidence that you can hold your own and express your true self in the encounter with a woman, no matter how beautiful she is?
  • Do you just know you have what it takes to lead every relationship into glory?
  • Do the women you are fascinated by think of you when they go to bed? Does this type of woman lust or pine for a man like you?

If not, why not?If you answered ‘No’ to any of the previous questions, you should consider participating in ‘ the Way of a Seducer Course.’

To be(come) that man – a man who can say “Yes!” to all the previous questions without hesitation – THAT is what ‘ the Way of a Seducer Course‘ aims for, and if you are committed to this goal, we will not give up before we have reached your goal.

… Imagine knowing there is no woman out of your league anymore, feeling the confidence of being able to express your authentic self no matter how good-looking she is, knowing that you can lead every relationship into glory, knowing also that the women you fancy are the ones that fancy you…

  • Even if your goal is to get a girlfriend or get married to the woman of your dreams, I believe every man should achieve this sense of abundance. Only from that place can he make a heartfelt choice for the woman he wants to spend his life with. Only if he is has that abundance will his woman appreciate his commitment to her.

How will we make sure you become the man who knows how it feels to live in abundance?

‘ The Way of a Seducer Course’ is an intensive 3-month online program, , revolving around 12 missions customized to your specific situation . When you complete these missions, you will be transformed to the man you seek to be. That is my promise to you. I stand for it.

The different themes and missions are build around the specific traits every man beautiful women dream about has. These traits make the difference between being a regular guy and a magnetic man. These traits, once acquired, will transform you from the kind of guy who is just like the other ones,  to the kind of man she cannot stop thinking about.

  • Just talking about some of these traits is politically incorrect, but their exploration is pivotal if you ever want to tap into your full seductive prowess and live in abundance. Suffice it to say that a nice guy is never really successful with women?

What are these traits of a masterful seducer? What kind of man do beautiful women yearn for?

After many years devoted to seduction, I have come up with 10 traits any man needs to master if he wants to become a GREAT man, live in abundance (and choose the woman that is good for him):

  1. he is present as fuck
  2. he is a man of action
  3. he stands for something
  4. he celebrates his desire and is in touch with his anger
  5. he is generous
  6. he leads every relationship into glory
  7. he is inclusive of the other
  8. he speaks the language of women
  9. he gets the darker side of seduction
  10. he has gratitude

‘The Way of a Seducer Course’ will give you the theory, missions, videos, interviews, discussions, feedback, accountability, support, coaching, and much more  – all designed to give you the opportunity to master each of these traits.

All you have to do is complete your missions, and I guarantee you you will be transformed.

  • None of the missions are extravagant but they do include talking to women, talking differently to the women in your life, and making bold stands against mediocrity and for greatness in your life. Are you prepared to shift your life around?


If you complete the first 4 missions of Part 1, and you do not see a change, I will give you your money back. Any man who completed these missions noticed a change beyond his imagination, but if you do not, I will give you your money back. You really have nothing to lose.

So FOR YOUR NEXT STEP , you have 2 options :

  1. pay €97 for Part 1 (plus bonus Part 0) and another €97 for each of Part 2 and Part 3.
  2. pay €247 for the whole course now (Part 1, 2 and 3 – plus bonuses)

‘The Way of a Seducer Course’ exists of 3 main Parts:

  • Part 1 : Seduction as a practice in self-expression (presence, desire, anger) (Bonus Part 0 on Preparations and extra themes on Vision and Enthusiasm)
  • Part 2 : Seduction as a dance for two (generosity, leadership, inclusivity)
  • Part 3 : The darker side of seduction (the language of women, what women want, your masculine edge)

– To receive Part 1 (and the 4 missions), CLICK HERE

  • We have a money back guarantee for those completing the 4 missions, so you have nothing to lose!

– To receive the Full Course (Part 1, 2 and 3 – plus all bonuses), CLICK HERE

Hans Comyn

Jordan Luke Collier, Oxford, UK

“I met Hans for the first time in Rio de Janeiro in January 2012 and I was immediately surprised at what I saw. I expected a large degree of formality and a pompous guru air, since he had so much success with women and was a teacher in this field. This couldn’t be further than the truth. Hans greeted us in a vest and shorts – it was a 30º night after all – and was frequently interrupted in his presentation to us by the women and men that walked past. In no way was this rude though: Hans paid complete attention to our needs, and showed that he genuinely loved speaking to women, and being friendly with men. This was very real, and down to earth. We made an instant, human connection.
Over the course of that week, Hans became my natural mentor. He is charming and cheeky, and glides into a group of girls like a hot knife through butter. That’s just like me, and just in the style I want. One night we went to a bar together, and by the time of us guys had figured out where we were, Hans had already approached four tables of women and made friends. He’s that quick. All week we would share the deepest philosophies, and also laugh hard at our adventures and mistakes. I received the kinds of complements and affirmations about myself and abilities that made me push harder; I started to believe in myself more and more as both a charming and sexual man. Whenever I’m in doubt about myself or about a situation with a woman, Hans is the first person to tell me I’m much further down the rabbit hole than I think.
In Rio, Hans didn’t come out with us that much, and we didn’t see him with other women. He made it clear to us that he had met a special woman and at that time he just did not feel at all like cheating on her, or even having an open relationship with her. He respected their connection that much – he knew what he wanted that much, and had it – that he didn’t need to use his abilities and the temptations of Rio for some easy romance. I was very impressed by this because ultimately, even though right now I want to have fun, in the future I also want that kind of deep connection with a wonderful woman.
Even now Hans has left, all of the women that we met together continue asking how he is and if I have news of him. Hell, I’ve even had girls reject my kisses because they like Hans too much! I asked a few girls, “why is it that everyone just likes him when he starts talking?” They told me it’s because he completely believes in what he’s saying. That people always remember you in such a good light is only possible if you make genuine connections with people, and women all over the south of Brazil have had their hearts warmed by Hans’ presence.
Thank you Hans, for your friendship and your ongoing support. My life, and my awareness of its possibilities, has changed dramatically over the last two months since meeting you.”

Deborah de Robertis, Paris

“Hans, Je te remercie d’incarner tant de gratitude et de bonheur et de me rappeler en ce jour des choses que je pourrais parfois oublier. J’admire ta force de vivre , cette joie d’être qui ne te quitte jamais et te rends séduisant dans le sens originel du mot , que tu cherches à faire renaitre au travers ton travail. Merci pour ton message à la fois universel et intime, Je t’embrasse.”

Tony Piscetello, Miami

“The Way of the a Seducer course was an incredible journey with fellow men who became brothers, tthat pulled each other up and held each individual accountable. The Ars Amorata Fundamentals program was excellent, but the level of engagement among the participants died down mid-way through the course. In the Way of a Seducer program, Hans and his team were on the journey together with us. We were all equals. There was no teacher and student relationship, it was 12 men sharing their experience and knowledge. Of course Hans was there to offer his expertise, to call us out on our B.S. and to empathize with our challenges, but the main strength of this course has been the resources I found in our group, our tribe, our community. And this is not only for single men. I, for one, am in a committed relationship, and that relationship grew through the assignments of the course! There is no substitute to meeting with Hans and his team face to face, but the next best thing is the Way of a Seducer course.” Tony Piscetello, Miami

Wesley Thurston, Los Angeles

“As one studies anything in depth it goes from a practice, to a science, to an art, and ultimately to a spiritual practice. What kyudo is to archery, Hans’ approach is to pick up. The teachings transcend the subject.”

Dustin Hahn, Vancouver

“Working with Hans has allowed me to go to the next level when it comes to inviting beautiful women into my life. I used to present a reserved and hindered version of myself to the world and women around me out of fear they would not like me for who I really am. Hans helped me realize that I am doing a disservice to my fellow man and woman by not showing up as the individual I am on the inside. Its been six months since I started working with Hans and my life has turned around completely. I now walk the earth as an unhindered free man who speaks his mind and women love it. Thanks Hans.”

Tilila Id, Montreal

“I rarely meet people who had such an impact in my life. Through the time, I realise that you’ve been/u are my spiritual guide in life. I’m so grateful for that and i thank life/god for having you in my life.”

Kristoffer Storjohann, Madrid

“Back home, ny was amazing, the women there are fantastic, and the subcomunication works like a dream there, I met tons of people, made friends in no time, ended up in a beautiful flat with three beautiful women, cooking soup, I dont know, I am on fire and I can see how my life expands when I apply this philosophy, and the bolder I am in applying it, the more a receive love and respect from total strangers, boaaahhh, its great, and there is nothing to hide, I excersize my unconditional love for women and they love me back, its that easy, and the NY women are so great and so receptive, it blew my mind, and the city is spectacular, and I turned the bad start around too, I guess I just want to thank you for being who you are, you are a great inspiration to me, and I find our talks profound, seeing you is like comming home, even though we meet in these random places, I will be there for you, if you ever need anything I can provide never hesitate, my dreams are comming true, I can feel it. ok enough……”

Mario Hubert, Munich

“Hans, learning from you has changed my entire life, a change I could never have achieved on my own and in this short period of time. You are very good at providing both theoretical knowledge and practical advice. Listening intensely to my stories and questions you helped me in a most familiar and friendly atmosphere. And you’re a man who lives what he preaches, so I also learnt very much by just observing you showing up in the world. The time I spent with you in public areas was very exciting and you definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. Thank you for introducing me to the land of women and showing me how to be a real man!”