International Romance Consultation

You are just 1 call away from Unlocking the Casanova Code and Meeting Traditional, Feminine Women All Over the World

As Donald Trump, Matt Damon, John Legend, Dwayne Johnson or Dirk Nowitzki will tell you… “life’s sweetest fruit is to be tasted abroad!

But BEWARE, my man, the quest for a foreign belle IS a treacherous one… and looking for romance abroad as a lone wolf is a sure recipe for disaster

Have you noticed that, even back home, as you become more successful, it has become harder to tell who genuinely cares about you and who might be more interested in your wealth?
Has it gotten tougher for you to figure out if someone loves you for who you are or just for your money?

Well, when dating abroad, solving this puzzle becomes 10 times tougher!

I’d hate to see yet another successful man take a stab at international dating, fall into one of the many traps… and come home with the WRONG woman.

And I’d hate for you to go out there and come home with your tail between your legs, disillusioned and jaded… telling everyone that “there are no good women out there.”

And then what?

You finally give up on your dreams of adventure and romance, and settle for a Western woman?! You go right back into the arms of women that are masculine, entitled and out of shape?!

The same ones you are trying to get away from in the first place?!

You want to live your whole life, only with women who are not building you up, women that don’t appreciate you for all your hard work, that don’t respect that your money is your money, and do NOT treat you well? 

I have seen this tragedy unfold waaaay too many times…

I CANNOT just stand by and watch yet another great man like you fall.

And I WILL NOT just stand by and watch you compromise on your dreams and settle for less than you deserve. 

You deserve to taste life’s sweetest fruit. You deserve the best of the best.

I developed my cross-cultural method to meet traditional, feminine women exactly for men like you. 

I call my method The Casanova Code, and honed it over the past 15 years traveling the world.

If you are ready to welcome my gift, it would be my honor and pleasure to share my Code with you directly on a private call, and show you exactly how YOU can use the Code right now to start meeting traditional, feminine women anywhere in the world.

The Casanova Code is the blueprint I used to meet feminine beauties in all 4 corners of the world, multiple times, until I met the woman of my life.

The Casanova Code is also the strategy I used to help dozens of men in the last 15 years to find their own exotic Queen. 

On our 1on1 call, we will use the Code to get really clear on the kind of woman you want to meet, what part of the world you want to meet her in, and we will develop a plan for making your dream come true. 

We will also address all your questions and reservations, and I will share with you my 3-trip strategy that guarantees you meet many more genuine prospects than you ever did before. This year. 

In the matters of love and romance, one size does NOT fit all, and that is why I want to talk 1on1 with you to see how YOU can apply the Casanova Code in your life right now and meet the women you’ve been dreaming of.

By the end of our 90min conversation, you will 

  • have all your questions answered
  • know where in the world the women of your dreams are hiding
  • know how to avoid the biggest traps of International Dating
  • experience the power of The Casanova Code (it’s unlike any dating advice you received in your life)
  • get an insight into ‘the secret realm of seduction’ and ‘the language of women’ (and have a huge advantage over other men in the dating scene)
  • know your NEXT STEP to meet your dream women and a clear strategy you can follow to ensure you make your dreams come true THIS YEAR
  • know yourself as a man who actually took action to fulfill on his lifelong dreams (instead of merely wishing and hoping like 99% of men do)
  • find out ONCE AND FOR ALL if International Dating is for you

After our call I will also send you

  • My Guide ‘Swipe for Substance: Tinder’s Gold Digger Filter’
  • My Book ‘The Way of A Seducer. A Code of Honor to a Lost Art.’
  • My Guide ‘the Swerve By Method’ on how to meet traditional, feminine women all over the world
  • The Swerve By Method Crash Course (video examples, audio excerpts, challenges…)  as a companion to the Guide
  • 2 Video Trainings with Michael Skye about how Western Gentlemen can find, meet and date traditional, feminine women abroad.
  • Recording of your International Romance Consultation
  • Transcript of your International Romance Consultation
  • Other resources depending on your specific needs & desires

And if you are the right man, I’ll invite you anywhere I travel, and introduce you to my worldwide network of influential individuals – great men and women – who will offer you international love opportunities that are not available to tourists, expats and digital nomads.

My man… I am sick and tired of great men like you NOT exploring international dating OR going about it in the wrong way… and FOREVER miss out on life’s sweetest fruit.

I have a goal of helping 13 great men find the woman of their dreams THIS YEAR.

And I don’t want YOU to make another BS excuse for why it is ok to date another masculine woman in your neighborhood…

So I am going to give YOU this private call at 50% off.

I normally charge $599 for an International Romance Consultation. For you, and till the end of the month only, I am offering it to the first 13 men for $297.

Don’t lose another year of your life merely wishing and hoping. You deserve to taste life’s sweetest fruit. Let’s make it happen This Year. Let’s get started Right Now.

Let’s get on call this week.

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